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Call for Proposals: Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GrOW) West Africa

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Inclusive Economies
24–36 months
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
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IDRC will support locally grounded in-depth evaluative and action research on transformative approaches to the social norms and power dynamics that shape women’s choices and opportunities. The goal is to reduce and redistribute the domestic workload and unpaid care work through scalable innovations, technologies, practices, interventions, policies, and attitudes in West Africa.

IDRC will support two types of research projects:

  1. Evaluative projects that assess current or past programs related to GrOW West Africa thematic priorities to generate evidence on effective approaches. These projects will have a budget of up to CA$500,000 and a duration of up to 24 months.
  2. Action research projects with key policy actors (government, private sector, or non-governmental actors) that test and/or scale solutions that address one or more of the GrOW West Africa priority themes. These projects will have a budget of up to CA$500,000 and a duration of up to 36 months.

GrOW West Africa has three core thematic areas:

1. Technology, innovation, and infrastructure that reduce and redistribute unpaid care work and domestic work.

2. Childcare services for different categories of women and opportunities for scaling.

3. Changing standards and public perception of unpaid care work and domestic work.

For each of these themes, the GrOW West Africa projects should seek to harness the collective power of women’s agency by working, for example, with women’s organizations or other collective action groups to foster the economic empowerment of women and gender equality.

Criterios de admisibilidad

This call is open to research institutions, think tanks, and non-governmental organizations with strong research capacity based in one of the countries of focus and with legal corporate registration. Research consortia comprised of up to three institutional partners may apply, however one partner must be designated as the lead institution. Preference will be given to projects with multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary teams.

UN, donor, and multi-lateral organizations are NOT eligible to apply. Applications from individual persons will NOT be accepted.

Más detalles

For more information about the call objectives, eligibility, timelines, and application guidelines please refer to the detailed call for proposals.

Any selected proponents shall be required to sign IDRC’s standard grant agreement that is periodically modified by IDRC. In the case of research consortia, the applicant/lead institution will sign the grant agreement with IDRC and will be responsible for receiving and administering the funds and ensuring that all grant conditions are met. For a sample of the general terms and conditions, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of the Grant Agreement and the Applicants’ Guide: How to apply for and manage an IDRC research grant.

Please read our frequently asked questions.

How to apply 

The submission deadline for proposals is September 11, 2020. All proposals must be submitted through the Survey Monkey portal. A peer review panel composed of technical experts will review and assess the proposals.

Si cumple con los requisitos para esta oportunidad, le invitamos a presentar una solicitud.